Dean Klein “The Jerusalem Stone”

the-jerusalem-stone-book-coverInside The Jerusalem Stone, author Dean Klein tells a sprawling story about a paid assassin’s life from the protagonist’s upbringing in a moneyed home to his training as a Marine Scout Sniper. This happens after he suddenly enlists, leaving his Yale education and new wife behind as he tours Iraq.

As a Lance Corporal, Simon Banner does a fine job, but he becomes disillusioned with his job and leaves the service. He drifts, takes care of his daughter (his wife has died), and eventually sells himself and his soul to work for drug cartels.

The book is 507 pages, not a late night treat you can finish in one sitting. It will take an investment, a good bit of reading, before the story turns to something strange, something unexplained. He and his daughter visit Jerusalem, she finds a strange stone, and his life changes, but is his soul worth saving?

This is a new issue, published December 9, 2016. It’s also a bit pricey, at $9.99. The “Look Inside” feature at Amazon generously gives those interested several chapters. Check it out to get a feel for the authors use of language and the image he presents through his words.

Three Stars