Sorting Through the Reviews to Come

Thanks so much for the many review requests. I’m almost up to February 1, so progress is being made. There were 268 emails regarding reviews last week. The list has been narrowed. If I didn’t pick your book, take heart, sometimes your story just isn’t in my wheelhouse for the week. I’m selective, moody, prone to snap judgments, and I make mistakes, lots of them, but know that I read everything, so the better your cover, title, blurb, and the start of your book, the better chance you have of a review.

And, I don’t reply to emails unless I choose a book, and I only choose books that are pitched by the actual author. Those of you who send out daily “here is a great book we represent,” forget it.

Beyond that, I read and review what gets my interest quickly. Remember, you have less than 30-seconds with the average book buyer. I’ll give you about two minutes, but if you don’t hook me, I swim away.

I read the first few paragraphs of a book today and the author wrote (paraphrasing to protect the innocent) that the main character could feel his attacker’s hot breath on his neck as he was being choked, and then started the next paragraph by saying that the main character sensed the approach of attacker number three. What?

Where was attacker number two? You wrote it was an attacker, not attackers. I’m sorry, but it’s the first page and you already lost me. This is inexcusable. If this is what you send me, sorry, no review. Better luck elsewhere and please consider letting someone else read your work before you upload it to Kindle. Obviously, the problem with a mistake like this is that the story might have been great, but I’ll never know!

Please keep in mind that I only review books that are available on Kindle right now. No prerelease or ARC’s. Alright, I’m bored with my rant and there is no excuse for not getting more reviews done, so a new book story will be out soon. Take care, and good reading.




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