2019 Short Story Terms and Conditions


We are accepting original, unpublished short stories for publication here at Headline Writers and in our 2019 edition of Puget Sound Stories.

All entries must be made via email to: Editor@HeadlineWriters.com

Headline Writers assumes your entry is original and is your own work and property with all rights granted therein.

Therefore, Headline Writers is not liable in any way for any resulting copyright infringement on the part of the writer/submitter.

Headline Writers reserves the right to accept or reject any work at our discretion.

Approximately weekly, one story will be published here at Headline Writers. Payment is a minimum of $10. Superior stories may receive higher amounts up to a maximum of $100.

Authors chosen for publication will be notified as their stories are published. All winning payments will be made through Paypal.

Some stories will not be accepted for publishing. Writers will be notified at the end of each 10-week period their submission was placed in.

The submitter is who we refer to as the author and any contact or monies will be forwarded to should the author’s story be selected for publishing.

Currently, no submissions are accepted from all locations with the exception of Crimea, Iran, North Korea, and Syria.


Your story must be written in English. It must be unpublished and not currently accepted by any online or traditional publisher at the time of submission.

Headline Writers retains a one-time nonexclusive publication right for online publication in addition to a one-time nonexclusive publication right to be published in Puget Sound Books 2019 edition of short stories. Authors retain copyright and ownership of their work.

Entries must be approximately 1500 words, give or take 100 words.

All entries must be fiction.

Your best chance of being chosen is to submit stories that appeal to a large audience – our readers. Consider this to include the most popular genres of fantasy, horror, mystery, romance, and science fiction. More serious literary fiction is also appreciated.

You may submit your work to: Editor@HeadlineWriters.com