Elena Bryce “Guardian of the Grail”

guardian-of-the-grail-book-coverElena Bryce takes some old ideas about the Holy Grail, Vampires, and Witches and melds them into a very entertaining read in Guardian of the Grail. I burned through this book in an afternoon, which tells you how good the story and writing are, but it was more than that. It was a new idea, a new beginning, and more to come!
The protagonist is Lachlan Thorn, a guardian of the grail and an immortal. He’s kept his youth, but he’s oh so wise, and oh so sexy to those he meets, including Ivy, a young witch who joins him to conceal the Grail as they attempt to move it to a safe place.
The story is set in the modern day, but that can change, and so can some of the shifters. There is more going on in this books 229 pages than other novels twice its size. And, it’s all good, but it’s hard to categorize. Paranormal, fantasy, light romance, let’s just stay with a book worth reading. The pace is fast, the theme tasty and the characters are well developed along the path.
Right now this novel is $2.99 at Amazon Kindle and it’s free if you have Kindle Unlimited.

Ken Dickson “Detour From Normal”

detour-from-normal-book-coverKen Dickson was in his 50’s, living an average life in the Arizona desert when he experienced some pain is his gut. He ignored it. A standard response for many people, and in this true story, it’s not so much the wait to get treatment that nearly killed him, it was the drugs.

The author’s story stands in stark contrast to what we see doctors for, treatment. Sure, he had surgery and marveled at how little pain he felt after finally having the procedure needed to remove a section of his lower intestine, but then things went sideways. He tells the story in plain English, no fancy footwork from a dancing boxer here. In real life he was just punching away, trying to make it to the bell. On the page, the words come to the reader as though they were chatting with the author in a bar. Old friends.

This book was published December 9, 2013, and runs 324 pages. More than enough to engross the reader with his plight, but the reader might not be prepared for the emotional and psychological rollercoaster that comes next as Dickson winds up in a high-security psychiatric ward due to his crazed condition. Again, it’s the drugs interacting with his body and his mind.

This is a well-told story of a man and his family trying to cope with a loved-one’s mania under a terrible set of circumstances, but Detour From Normal a good story, a true one, and one worth reading. And, it’s just 99-cents or free with Kindle Unlimited!



Guest Blog – Alistair Cross

the-angel-alejandroThough I’ve been writing all my life, it wasn’t until ten years ago that I got serious about it. And I didn’t want to be a hobby-writer, either. I wanted to be a real-life, full-time professional who spends his time writing, editing, marketing, and well … doing it all – because that’s what writers do these days.

 The road was long and winding, but in 2012, I finally got published. Since then, I’ve written several novels with bestselling author, Tamara Thorne, and have now completed my second solo novel, The Angel Alejandro, which was released January 25, 2017, as well as several other collaborations and solo projects.

 I was lucky to be able to put several of my unemployed fictional characters to work in my latest novel, The Angel Alejandro. The Angel Alejandro is an urban fantasy/dark fiction story about an angel who crash-lands on earth, in the koi pond of an unsuspecting young woman named Madison who’s trying her best to make her way through the world alone.

The million-mile fall results in a severe case of amnesia – and before the stunningly beautiful angel, Alejandro, has a chance to figure out who he is, a horde of demonic entities come to town, eager to capitalize on his lost identity, and harvest his soul. As he and Madison set out to recover his past, the entire town of Prominence is slowly going mad: There’s vandalism and violence, brutality and bloodshed – and the terror is slowly closing in, putting Alejandro and Madison at its center.

It was the use of this fictional small town, Prominence, that allowed me to further explore some of the characters who’ve been living in my head – and some of them have been there for years, from the days when I used to sketch them out in notebooks, before I wrote novels.

Alistair Cross’ website: http://www.alistaircross.com/

Gail Ward Olmsted “Jeep Tour”

jeep-tour-book-coverAre women over 30 allowed to have a life? Do they get a second chance when the winds of fate blow them across a barren plain? I certainly hope so, and that’s the subject of Gail Ward Olmsted’s reawakening novel Jeep Tour.

The book is well written, and an entertaining look at life after the astonishing years, after commitment and marriage and work. The protagonist is a recently divorced woman, Jax (short for Jacqueline, thank goodness) who takes a trip to Sedona, Arizona with two friends and loves the clean, fresh air, the sunshine, and the amazing red mountains.

Together, they take a Jeep tour, and Jax loves the tour guide, a cute, oops, not cute like her ex-husband Rick, but rugged and good-looking Rick. She flies home. She fails to make tenure at her teaching job, and there’s that emptiness. We all know it.

This is a 247-page book, plenty of pages to get lost in, with characters that are real, emotional and pliable. Jax has a background, she has substantial friends, she has a job, but there’s life in Sedona. What to do?

Published by Jerico Road Press on May 31, 2016, readers can get this book for free if they have Kindle Unlimited, or it’s $2.99 for the masses.

Author Olmsted paints a pretty picture of Sedona, and of second chances with a leisurely pace. It’s not a struggle to keep up, it’s a walk in the park. And, it’s thoughtful, emotional and hopeful. That’s a triple-threat.

Binnick Olufsen “Kaomoji Kawaii”

kaomoji-book-coverBinnick Olufsen offers a mixed medium visual view of the world in Kaomoji Kawaii, a Kindle book available right now for free. It is currently number 18 in the Art & Photography section of Amazon. This latest Olufsen Kindle offering went live on February 10, 2017.

The book features beautiful photography capturing scenes of nature and cityscapes combined with computer text designed into symbols and facial images.

This type of computer or digital art is an interesting mixture of the natural world and the man-made world. You might want to take a look!






Nicholas A. Price “The Tapeworm”


From the macabre humor genre comes Nicholas A. Price’s latest work, The Tapeworm. This book is geared for children 5 to 12 and is part of his ‘A Series of Ghastly Things’ books being released February 15, 2017.

Children will no doubt be intrigued by the strange and scary full-color illustrations by Gigi Art in this book issued by Demy Publishing. The story that goes with the pictures is equally scary, or at least the tapeworm is!

This is a story about Miss Watkins, a nice young woman who enjoys her roast beef cooked rare, but what if the chef undercooked the poor woman’s meal? Something sinister could invade her body, and it does. Now, what will happen?

Author Price takes the reader on a horror-filled but humorous tale of the life of a tapeworm, one inside the body of a person who loved to eat. Yikes! It’s just the kind of thing so many children love to read!

Kindle Unlimited users can pre-order their Free copy of The Tapeworm right now. For those without KU, this new book is just $2.99




Jack Binding “Perfect Anastasia”

perfect-anastasia-book-coverJack Binding is an author living in Sydney, Australia. His latest release is Perfect Anastasia,  a horror story likely to sober you up!

Andy Moretti meets  Anastasia, at a party. He’s plain. She’s perfect. Before he knows it, they are alone, talking, laughing. Things are going great. He’s happy, being with this girl, this perfect girl. What could go wrong?

Then she asks if he can score some drugs. He hesitates, he could do that. He could get a little something. What could go wrong?

Binding describes the atmosphere well, taking the reader inside his protagonist’s head, into his thoughts. We’ve all been there. We want to succeed, we want to help, but knowing when to pull back on the reins is tough, right? Or is it impossible?

This is a newly released story, having just come out today. It’s available for 99-cents right now. Take a look, if you have the nerve!



Carson Watson “The Sorceress’ Prophecy”

the-sorceress-book-coverThis is a tall tale. Taller than the trees that shroud a hidden fortress in a black woods seen so often in dark dreams and scary books. In fact, author Carson Watson has attempted in one book to introduce us to a whole land filled with improbable evil, searing sorcery, and a cast of characters inhabiting a land that is false but true. And, he succeeds.

The setting for The Sorceress’ Prophecy isn’t a netherworld, it lies above earth but offers as much terror and fear as any hell we have grown to understand, and a creature named Satin walks the ground with power to command others to do his bidding, even without their knowing and a plan to drain the city of life. Yeah, it’s scary.

There is much to this story, a total of 373 pages, and chapters come and go with new characters and their point of view of the happenings in this strange land. The pace is moderate to begin but grows as the story unfolds. The author tells enough about each character to hook the reader and keep the pages turning.

It isn’t just a battle of good and evil in this strange land, as there are plenty of vampires and werewolves to contend with too. Those that would try to protect the innocent must first learn and master a craft, a craft fo magic, like a sorcerer, but then that takes time and cunning, and time is not on their side.

This book was released last year in May and is available on Kindle for $2.99 but is Free on Kindle Unlimited. Take a look, you’ll be amazed!

Drake Green “Point of Control”


I like the title, but it could have just as easily been “Out of Control,” because that’s what Anders Neyman’s life is after he takes a teaching job in Bogota, Columbia. Sure, the setting might lead you to believe there is the possibility of some danger, but author Drake Green (who lived in the area and draws on his own history) tells a tough, deep story that will leave readers slightly confused, inquisitive, and turning pages quickly.

There’s a good story here in Point of Control, and the pace picks up at the right point as the protagonist joins forces with a rag-tag bunch of similarly affected men trying to stop what they fear and hardly understand, a series of kidnappings, assassinations and a conspiracy that threatens to shatter the country apart. It’s Columbia after all. And, the story draws on historical events.

Published by Bolivar and Franklin Press, January 6, 2017, the book is 249 pages, a good size read for your Kindle, and the story will keep you guessing. Mostly, it’s all action, and it gets gritty, so be prepared!


A Look at Shelf Joy

shelf-recommendEver wonder what kinds of books Ernest Hemmingway might have recommended to young writers? Ever wish there was a place to find books like that? Well, enter Shelf Joy, a far-ranging collection of books from the shelves of famous and infamous people.

The brainchild of Aakanksha Gaur, Shelf Joy has now passed the threshold of 100,000 book recommendations. That’s saying something! Each snippet of book recommendations is linked to a person (say Bill Gates, or David Bowie) or a group of like-minded people.

How about the books that were sold at the recent Berkshire Hathaway Mettings, like Getting There or Limping on Water, who knew?

My friends and relative always recommend books to me, and now I can take a look at books read and enjoyed by people I admire. That’s a cool concept. I applaud Aakanksha for comming up with a new idea that’s both interesting and a lot of fun. Take a look, you’ll enjoy the site!

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