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Ken Dickson “Detour From Normal”

detour-from-normal-book-coverKen Dickson was in his 50’s, living an average life in the Arizona desert when he experienced some pain is his gut. He ignored it. A standard response for many people, and in this true story, it’s not so much the wait to get treatment that nearly killed him, it was the drugs.

The author’s story stands in stark contrast to what we see doctors for, treatment. Sure, he had surgery and marveled at how little pain he felt after finally having the procedure needed to remove a section of his lower intestine, but then things went sideways. He tells the story in plain English, no fancy footwork from a dancing boxer here. In real life he was just punching away, trying to make it to the bell. On the page, the words come to the reader as though they were chatting with the author in a bar. Old friends.

This book was published December 9, 2013, and runs 324 pages. More than enough to engross the reader with his plight, but the reader might not be prepared for the emotional and psychological rollercoaster that comes next as Dickson winds up in a high-security psychiatric ward due to his crazed condition. Again, it’s the drugs interacting with his body and his mind.

This is a well-told story of a man and his family trying to cope with a loved-one’s mania under a terrible set of circumstances, but Detour From Normal a good story, a true one, and one worth reading. And, it’s just 99-cents or free with Kindle Unlimited!




Gregory Diehl “Travel As Transformation”

travel-as-transformation-book-coverIf you talk to people about what they plan to do when they retire, many give a single-word response, “travel.” That response leaves the impression that many people believe seeing things around and beyond their own home should wait until the later part of their life, and that’s a pity. What can be learned from travel to new places can be life altering or at least perception altering.

In Travel As Transformation: Conquer the Limits of Culture to Discover Your Own Identity, now available on Kindle, author Gregory Diehl tells stories of his own road to understanding as he traveled across more than 50 countries. This isn’t a travel guide, and it isn’t spiritual, it’s an awakening.

The narrative and story remind me of the book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, where there’s a little philosophy, thought and growth, but only if the reader wants to see it. Diehl offers up his own perspective, but not as a directive.

What you can get from this new book is acceptance, that all people are essentially the same, we just live in different worlds. We also face different trials and seeing things through fresh eyes can change our own perception. So, take the plunge, read something that’s real, exciting, and different than the mainstream, you might just learn something about yourself that’s wonderful.